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Monday, 17 March 2008

A bit of history

I was sent this photo last week and I liked it so much I thought I would blog it.

This is our Kath on the Olympic Course at Penrith Sydney competeing for GB in a World Cup Race which was also the Pre Olympics. This was the first international race to be held on the then new artificial slalom site. It was also the last time Kath paddled for GB. She now pushes pedals instead.

Like any good Father I have encouraged all the kids to participate in this sport of canoeing which is very healthy for both the mind and body:

Em at Frome.

Neil flat out at Teeside

and here is Kath a her first Div 2 event at Grantully 1991

The Custodian of Harrow School even had a go at Callander 1978, where did the last thirty years go

Finally, most people get to learn to roll in a swimming pool, in June 1969 I had to make do with the river.


The Lancettes said...

just pointing out the huge spelling mistake and saying how your kids must superstars!! especially the middle, intelligent, tall one!! wheres H's pic?

James Murray said...

Small point but, what spelling mistake? I shall have a rummage and see if there is a picture of H in a boat somewhere