Greenland Kayak Balance Stool – Issiaveeraq qajaasarfik - DRILLS

Drills UPDATE: No. 1  22/12/2020 I suggest that before you start working through the drills you read my previous post which describes the origins of the Balance Stool and the aim of these drills. STAGE 1 - Set Up Stand or sit in front of your mirror. Place the paddle on the top of your head.     Position your hands so that they are equally spaced on the paddle shaft so that they form two right angles in your arms.   Angle A   This is the angle between your forearm and your bicep. Angle A for Arm Angle B   This is the angle between and your body and your biceps. Angle B for Body These are the two 90 degrees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Now swivel the shoulders forward and push the shaft forward away from your head until a 45 d

Greenland Kayak Balance Stool - Issiaveeraq qajaasarfik

Introduction   Issaveeraq qajaasarfik roughly translates to Kayak Learning Stool. In order to preserve   the   Greenland heritage and history of the Board   this has been adapted to Greenland Kayak Balance Stool . There is a replica on display in the museum at Tasiilaq on the East coast of Greenland. The Danish Researcher H.C. Petersen, on page 10, of his book "Qaannamik pinnguaatit", Atuakkiorfik, 1994, has written that the balance stool in Greenlandic is called: "Issiaveeraq qajaasarfik".   Quote: Boys, when growing up, become progressively good travellers but are too young to use a kayak. At this time they already have and use (playing) spears. They start with a piece of unfurnished wood which they play with all day long. The spear is only furnished when they grow older.       At home, they are given a small chair. It is elongated, approximately the same size as the boys thighs. The legs (on the chair) are boards, placed on the further ends of

Searching for Gino Watkins 2016 - The Expedition.

The journey to East Greenland is now a well worn path. After sixteen years Martin Rickard  has assisted many paddlers from the UK, and other places from all around the world, to enjoy the paddling, wild life and culture of this unique location. Martin was already in Tasiilaq having already completed one trip so after flying from London Heathrow I met the other team members the following morning at the Downtown Hostel Reykjavik. Donna was on my ill fated 2014 trip and it was great to meet her again in much better circumstances. Geoff had visited Greenland recently with his wife and he was now ready to embark on our new venture. John had flown in from Copenhagen and was just as keen to get started. After more than one coffee we decided to pay a visit to the Whale Museum which is situated near to the large harbour complex. The Museum provides each visitor with a tablet and ear phones at the reception. You are then free to wander around the full size e