Valentines Day (massacre) Paddle

The weather was so nice today that the romantic stuff was put on hold and the sea kayak dusted off instead.
I met Eurian, Adrian and Richard at Atlantic College and we set off on the ebb tide past Nash Point and out on to the Nash Sand Bar.

The coast line was looking good.

We have seen the bar many times but this was the first time we were able to land on it.

We were two miles off shore with the beach to ourselves.

Three cardinal marks are positioned on the bar. The East Nash Cardinal is directly in front of the beach at Marcross near Nash Point.
The Mid Nash is obviously in the middle and the West Nash marks the western end and is some five miles off Porthcawl.

Once we had explored the bar and taken photos we headed off to the Mid Nash Cardinal.
We reached the mark just before slack water.

We wanted to ride the flood tide back to Atlantic College so we went over to Tusker Rock for lunch whilst waiting for the tide to pick up speed.

I found a new friend at Tusker. He was floating in the water and he looked like he had been their since Xmas. I have named him Wilson after the football in Castaway with Tom Hanks. I introduced him to the boys and he is looking forward to joining us for more of our trips.

The trip back was uneventful apart from the fast water flowing past the East Cardinal mark.

A great start to sea kayaking 2010 with many more trips waiting to be planned.

This blog is deliberately short. Eurion and Richard took far more pictures than me so I am going to link this to their blogs because a) they blog better than me and b) I will be in their photos.


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