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Saturday, 24 August 2013

14 days in Greenland 3

Bear watch was completed at 7am so I settled into the routine of getting up at that time with the intention of leaving the beach at 9.30.
The tide in most areas was negligible so this was not usually a consideration.

The tide had gone out over night so the local hunters fridge was exposed.

This was to be a short paddle today to our next campsite on an island at Ukiverajiko.

There is a point at Pupik in Sermilik Fjord where the width of the Fjord narrows and the sea gets shallower. The result of this is that the ice gets chocked at this point which could affect our progress. We needed to reach this point with a full days paddling in front of us hence the short day.

The boss

The Rockpool Team

There was no water at the campsite so we had lunch in a cove with a waterfall in order to replenish our supply of drinking water.

Just after lunch we met a local hunter who congratulated us which was a nice boost to morale.

The island made a nice campsite with excellent views across the Fjord to Johan Petersen Fjord and the ice cap beyond.

Looking back at today's paddle

Iceberg photographed at 3 am

Typical of rock formations in the area

The next day we had a short paddle to Pupik where we able to assess the condition of the ice beyond.

Unstable ice at the put in.

Looking for a route through from the view point at Pupik

 It was decided to stick close to the coast which limited our options with regard to leads through the ice but kept us within reach of safety on land.

We again made good progress and eventually turned into the channel at Sarpaqa and there we left the main ice behind.

We paddled into the village at Tiniteqilaq where we able to visit the supermarket and purchase more supplies.

To my surprise there was also a  mobile signal which allowed me to ring home on my daughters birthday, another bonus.

The week before we arrived a polar bear had been shot and its skin was drying outside the hunters house.

The water supply for the village was a large tank/plant situated in the middle of the town so we were able to take on fresh water. I carried a 4 litre Ortileb water bag with a further 2 litre one as a reserve. I found this to be sufficient for the whole trip but I am aware that other team members carried slightly more.

After replenishing our supplies we paddled out of the harbour to a beach campsite opposite.

We managed to scavange wood and built another fire. This kept us warm during bear watch and due to a considered higher risk the gun was left more available.

A couple of weeks before a bear had appeared on ice flow in Tasiilaq harbour so the risk was indeed present.

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