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Friday, 4 January 2008

The Launch

I first starting paddling when I was at school in 1968. We went on a week long trip to PGL at Llangorse Lake near Brecon in Powys. Once I had tried it I was hooked. After a brief spell going to Slaloms (I got to Div 1 in March 1971) I moved to Cornwall and spent two and half years surfing in my slalom boat. I have completed DW three times once in less than my target of 24hours. Then it was down to being a Dad but I got round the problem of finding time to go canoeing by teaching them to paddle.Trouble was they got better than me and I started to spend more time on the bank as a Coach.It all paid off when my Daughter Kath won the Junior Pre Worlds at Lipno in the Czech Repulic in 1995. A few good years followed with trips around the World but the politics of the sport finally got to us and we stopped paddling altogether in 1999.
Now after a taste in France earlier this year I discovered the world of Sea kayaking.
This is the first paddle in my new Island Kayak's Expedition LV on Ullswater 10 Nov 2007. It was a very windy day but i was impressed with the boats speed in the tricky conditions. I am looking forward to getting it wet on the sea


James Murray said...

Hi Jim,

You forgot to mention you trained the fourth place winner at the junior Army Championships in 1979 at Llandusul.


James Murray said...

How could I forget such an achievement as that? or you getting promoted from novice at Calender in 1978 - slim panatella anyone?

Emily said...

Hi Dad

Awesome blog im keeping up to date with it in work ha ha Great pictures!!

Stay safe!!

Miss you lots Love you loads

The Aussie Daughter