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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Sunday 27 January 2008

I took the sea kayak out for another spin with Eurion and the rest of the crew plus Adrain from Atlantic College. We launched at Penarth adjacent to the Life boat Station and paddled down the coast to Atlantic College. Having Adrain in our group is a distinct advantage. The distance was just under twenty miles, Eurion insists on using nautical miles but that only amounts to sixteen so land miles sounds more of an achievement.
The coastline is not particularly scenic, but it is nice to see where you live from a different perspective. I had seen the area many times from the air when I was learning to fly out our Cardiff Wales Airport. I recognised many landmarks especially Porthkerry Viaduct which we used to gauge our position when carrying out glide approaches.
Sully hospital is impressive from the sea, a big white building which provides an excellent landmark. Next door is HMS Cambria where I used to go when I was in the RMR.
The sea was quite bumpy off Barry Island. The constant head wind against the tide made progress painfully slow and I was glad the wind dropped off after our lunch stop in the shadow of Aberthaw Power Station. No pictures this time because nothing inspired me. Actually the camera was stashed in the dry bag and I could not be bothered to take it out.
The police were at the top of the slip at the College. Apparently the College Life Boat had been launched earlier in the day and recovered a body from the shore close by. A car had been found abandoned and it looks like another suicicde. The Bridgend area is becoming a very dangerous place to live lately.
It is very sad that so many people live in such a lovely place but sadly succumb to the pressure of modern living.

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