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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Mumbles to Port Eynon - Uphill

We have not been sea kayaking for a while so when the forecast looked good we opted for a short trip from Mumbles to Port Eynon. The plan was for a leisurely paddle along the coast with lunch on the beach at Three Cliffs Bay. This would then fill in a bit more of the Welsh coastline along which we are having game of 'join the dots'.

I had the feeling that this part of the coast was going to be a bit unispiring which may sound a bit disrespectful but it certainly did form the transition from the industrialised area around Swansea Bay onto the stunning Gower coast.
It only really got going after Pwll du Point although there were a few interesting features.

There was plenty of faffing at the start and Neil decided to show off this years fashionable Kayak wear.

Lou had a one hour wait at the Nab slip while we sorted the shuttle and couldn't wait to get started.

This the MRCC at Mumbles Head with the lighthouse in the background.

Caswell Bay looking towards Brandy Cove and Pwll du Head.
I had forgotten not to be over optomistic with weather. We had a nice day with plenty of sun but a force 3 - 4 knot head wind. So progress was a bit painful. Not what we wanted for a first time this year paddle especially with my bad neck and shoulder.

We did not get to Three Cliffs which was disappointing, we headed straight over Oxwich Bay and round the head into Port Eynon Bay.

It was not a bad paddle but we probably should have done it the other way.
The chippy was open in Port Eynon and so was the campsite so maybe Spring is not far away.

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