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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Things that come out at night

The weather lately has been calm and sunny so we thought that we would try a spot of night paddling.

I have experienced this before whilst competing in DW but never out on the sea so it was going to be interesting to feel what that sort of exposure would be like.
The plan was to launch at Newton and handrail the coast around to the Porthcawl breakwater.

It was not quite dark when we left and the camera has a low light facilty so the pictures do not show the correct light level.

When using the flash it actually looks darker than it was.

The tide had turned and was on its way in so we ferry glided out to the Fairy Bouy just off Porthcawl and then rode the tide back to Newton.

A really enjoyable paddle, there was no pressure and it gave us chance to really enjoy the atmosphere.

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