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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Beacons Walk 19 July 09

This summer is turning out to be just as bad as the last two. The wind has put a stop to most of my sea kayaking and if I ride my bike it gets muddy and the components grind away.
Anyway its no good sitting here moping around life is too short.
My son in law Woody (just to wind his Mum up his real name is Daryl)invited me on a walk over the Beacons. The weather forecast was disgusting to say the least but, there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong equipment.

We met the others at Storey Arms, Phil had all new kit and looked very smart.

We started early and did not see too many other tourists until we reached the top. There were a few army types about all doing their version of The Fan Dance.

Just before the ridge the weather closed in and it started to hammer down.
Phil was snug in his new kit.

Woody has waterproofs, but they were in the attic oops.

We first conquered Corn Ddu and then went over to Pen y Fan.

As we headed over to Cribyn the weather cleared enough to take some pictures.

This is the view down on to the classic Gap mountain bike ride. I have ridden this in the dark and today the weather conditions made it look very similar.

Once over Fan y big

we headed off to Pencelli and a drink in the pub. I am not going to say which one because they had stopped doing food and therefore do not deserve the publicity.

It was a nice walk in good company despite the weather I have had drier trips in the sea kayak.

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