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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Zorbing in Dorset

My daughter Emily was given a zorbing ticket as a present for her 21st. Three months later and she still had not found anyone stupid enough to go with her so guess who got press ganged into having a go?

In case you do not know what zorbing is (also called sphereing) it consists of two people climbing into a giant hamster ball which some sadist then pushes down a hill.

Actually its a great laugh and highly recommended if you have a spare fifty quid lying around.

We visited Zorbing UK South which is just outside Dorchester, but there are lots of other centres all over the UK.

As soon as you get out of the car you can see the launch pad

and then the hill which looks very steep.

To get into a zorb you have to run and dive through a small hole in the side of the sphere. There are two types of sphere. One where you are harnessed opposite to your partner and you spin around head over heels all the way down the hill. The other type is a hydro sphere which as the name suggests contains warm water so you do not actually go upside down, but you do get thrown around a lot and you get very wet just like a cat in a washing machine ( I imagine).

We were too heavy for the harnessed ride (shame - not) so we had two rides on the hydro.

A great laugh, shame it was over so quickly. Big thanks to nephew James for taking the pictures and video.

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