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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Dagger Axiom

At last a post about kayaking. This has been a really bad year for my paddling the weather just has not worked for me. However, the urge to get out on the water is still there so an alternative to fighting the weather had to be found. Most especially because I do not want my fitness to reverse over the winter and then have to set about rebuilding it again the spring.
A plastic boat has appeared in the garage and so I have managed to take that for a couple of trips. First a local one on the River Ogmore

followed by a paddle on the Afon Tawe north of Swansea where one of our party had an interesting experience on the waterfalls at Pen y Cae near Abercrave.

My son Neil then started to extol the virtues of the new Dagger Axiom and to cut a long story short we bought two.

This is what Dagger themselves have to say about the boat.

This river cruising/playboat combines the performance desired by experienced paddlers with the forgiveness and predictability suitable for newcomers and those wishing to advance their river skills.

For those who have thought of river play boats as “too small, too short, and too slow,” this is their boat. From a performance standpoint, the Dagger Axiom offers great down river speed, effortless eddy hopping and attainment capabilities, smooth carving and wave surfing and the potential to side slip and spin on waves. A playful yet forgiving stern, roomy dry riding bow, and soft profile side walls blend together seamlessly to create an easy to roll package. It is the Axiom’s all-river predictability combined with its classic play potential that will make this the boat of choice for seasoned paddlers through to whitewater newcomers.

We really like the boat in fact it handles very similar to our old slalom boats but a little more forgiving.

We decided on a couple of river trips down the Usk starting at Tal y Bont. Dan and his girlfriend Lisa came along for the ride.

Neil had fun teaching me how to dip the back.

The first week Mill Falls was running well, last weekend the river was one metre lower but still worth paddling.

We enjoyed surfing various waves the one at Llangynydr was the best.

click here to see the action

Dan had to carry the Lisa's boat back to the car.

While we posed for photos.

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