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Friday, 14 May 2010

Easter 2010 Scotland Part 5 Shuna

This paddle had to be done because it is a circumnavigation of the Island of Shuna and it goes near to the Gulf Of Corryvrekin. I have two sets of Werner Paddles named Shunas and Corryvrekins so this trip fits perfectly with my outdoor Feng Shui(wind-water according to WikiP).

We parked the campers complete with its resident guardians (Ang & Harry) in a layby/pic nic area just south of Arduaine on the A816.

The access was again quite tricky but we are getting used to it.

It was quite windy as we crossed the entrance to Loch Melfort across Loch Shuna and on to the island.

It was not long before we were passing along the SE coast of the island Shuna.

As we reached Shuna Point we caught sight of an Otter sunbathing. He dived before the camera came out but at least we have seen one now.

From Shuna Point you can see the entrance to The Gulf of Corryverkin to the south west. Conditions were perfect for a visit, S force 3 wind with the tide on the flood, but it was too far away so that will have to wait.

Shuna Sound was quiet with the wind behind us so we stopped for drink.

It was an easy paddle to the NW corner of Shuna where there was a large fish farm. The salmon looked huge as they jumped about under their protective nets watched by a few over optimistic gulls.

We turned East and left the shelter of the island before recrossing Loch Shuna to where we had started. I had expected Shuna to be more rugged however there were no steep cliffs and the area seemed more suitable for agriculture.

A nice short paddle before the long trip south and the end of a fantastic week away.

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