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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Freshwater West to Stackpole Quay

The weather forecast was looking good for Saturday 06 April 2013 so a group of us got together and headed for south Pembrokeshire. We were not disappointed and we left Freshwater West beach in near prefect conditions.

We paddled south east towards Linney Head
On the ebb tide an eddy forms here and there is sometimes disturbed water off Linney Head where the eddy meets the main flow of the out going tide. Today however the tide had just turned so we received some tidal assistance across the bay but no disturbed water.

The calm conditions allowed us to do some exploring amongst the rocks and stacks.

There were also numerous caves which could be paddled into. This one was the largest.

About four miles into the paddle we arrived at the Green Bridge of Wales. This is a spectacular sea arch which can be paddled through near high water. There is also a viewing platform for walkers on the cliff path. This section of coast transits a military firing range so this can only be viewed from the path or the water on weekends or on days when no firing is taking place.

Near St Govans head we had a photo shoot in front of the small St Govans Chapel which is built into the cliffs.

We had lunch on the sandy beach of Broad Haven and then continued our journey past Church Rock.

Next stop was Stackpole Head.

There were no sea birds nesting on the ledges. They seem to be very late this year which is probably due to the spell of very cols weather. This was a bonus because it allowed us to paddle through the arches under the headland.

Just after Stackpole Head is Barafundle Bay which has a nice sandy beach and even more caves and arches. It was only a short distanced from here to our get out at Stackpole Quay.

This was a great leisurely paddle of approximately 11 miles with almost constant caves, stacks and rockhopping.

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